Michigan unmasked: Turn face coverings into this ornament, jeans patches, gift bows, change purses, pet bowties

June 18, 2021, 10:18 AM by  Alan Stamm

(Photo: Instagram)

Now that even unvaccinated holdouts won't need to cover noses and mouths in public (though they should), we offer ways to repurpose your face mask collection.

Two-minute video shows how. (Photo: DepositPhotos)

Masking up still makes sense for some people in some places as Covid remains a risk while apparently in retreat, but the governor lifts that requirement as of next Tuesday. So keep a couple handy, at least for flu season. And consider these 16 crafty alternative uses as a post-pandemic display of freedom, a declaration of facial liberation or just a whimsical sequel to a stone-cold serious year and a half. (Some require sewing.)

♦ Sleep mask

♦ Change purse

♦ Cat or dog bowtie

♦ Jeans or jacket patches

♦ Vehicle headrest dust covers

♦ Knuckle protector while grating

♦ Coffeemaker filters

Crafted by Becky Banks of Virginia (Photo: Instagram/William Hurd)

♦ Violin or viola chin rest

♦ Quilt-style scarf, shawl, religious skullcap (yarmulke or taqiyah) 

♦ Strap-on ice holder for sore wrist, knee, bicep

♦ Decorative collar for clay pots and vases

♦ Holiday ornament for mantel or tree (video how-to)

Hannah Conradt, 22, recently designed this wedding dress as a senior project at Fashion Institute of Technology. (Photo: Her Instagram)

♦ Gift bows

♦ Doll clothes (bonnet, skirt, shawl, sash, diaper)

♦ Sachet packets for drawers, closets

♦ Dogwalk single-use poop pouches

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Reader suggestions:

• "You forgot string bikinis."

• "Where is 'wear out in public if you have cold or flu symptoms?'"


We're Nearly Free of Michigan Masking, Distancing and Gathering Rules

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