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Gallery: Döner kebab comes to Detroit's Corktown at Berlin-inspired Supergeil

July 31, 2021, 10:55 AM by  Alan Stamm

This German-influenced restaurant just opened on Michigan Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets. Eleven more photos are below. (Photos: Supergeil)

Two James Spirits has a nearby "cousin."

A co-owner of the craft distiller in Corktown opened Supergeil across Michigan Avenue on Thursday in a 1900s brick building.

Melody Baetens describes the newcomer at The Detroit News:

The restaurant specializes in Berlin-style döner kebab sandwiches, tinned seafood (think sardines, but also tuna, mackerel and mussels, all served with bread and other accoutrements) and, naturally, a focus on cocktails.

... Supergeil's décor is sleek and contemporary, with a lot of exposed brick and wicker light fixtures. 

The name -- pronounced zuper-guy-l -- comes from the title of a 2013 song by Friedrich Liechtenstein, a German electro-pop musician.

Update: These are among first-weekend guest comments on Facebook:

  • "Sooo good. Our flatbread, onion dip and lamb/beef döner -- I want more. Plus the cocktails were fabulous. Great place." -- Sandy Baldwin, Livonia

  • "Baba, hummus and fries are badass. Cocktails are fantastic!" -- Jessica Smykowski, Commerce Township

  • "Hummus and beet salad -- right on!" -- Robin Ruzicska, Harrison Township

  • "Döner was great!" -- Audrey Pace, Berkley 

  • "Fantastic atmosphere. Superb food and drinks. Great cost-to-quality value. Super-friendly staff. ... Highly recommended!" -- Sue Sparks, Westland

  • "It was so worth the wait. We only stopped in for drinks and fries, but the cocktails were all delectable. And I don't know what you put on those fries, but we practically licked the bowl clean! Can't wait to come back for dinner!" -- Rachel West


"Supergeil is inspired by the energy and food of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district," beverage director Ryan Sparks posts on Facebook.

"It’s a multicultural place where artists, students and Germany’s largest Turkish population live together. The results are blocks of intense street art, Turkish bakeries, late-night food stalls and local watering holes serving German bier and a heavy dose of cigarette smoke. ... Any good late night session with friends ends at a döner kebab stand. The döner is without a doubt to king of the Kreuzberg bar crawl."

Bulgarian beet and carrot salad ($8)  "tastes like fruit punch," the restaurant says.

The newcomer's two-page drink menu includes sherry from Malaga, Spain, and these gin cocktails:

  • Cucumberous: Old Cockney gin, honey, cucumber, tonic and two herbs -- dill and borage

  • Yemen gin and tonic: Barrel-finished gin, baharat chai tonic, cardamom, mint and dehydrated lemon

  • Season of Mist: Old Cockney gin, citrus, rosemary, juniper, cardamom and tonic.

  • Dirty martini: Old Cockney gin, fino sherry and zaatar tincture, with Bulgarian feta and spiced olives as garnishes

Chef Brendan McCall's dinner-only menu is on Instagram. Photos below show culinary creativity and massive burgers.

Supergeil opens at 4 p.m. every day except Monday, with no-reservations seating inside and on a side patio.

The owner is David Landrum, who opened Two James with Peter Bailey and Andrew Mohr in 2013. 


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Photos from restaurant

Lamb döner ($14)

Vegetarian sandwich with eggplant, cheese and slaw ($11)

Saueurkraut kimchi dish is called "kraut-chi." It has red chermoula, mint and sesame seeds. $4
Pizza is on the menu too.

The "Kreuz Burger"Supergeil is supersize.

Array of Euro-style selections

Olives assortment appetizer or side dish ($5)

A spacious side patio has open-air seating.


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