Media Personality Charlie LeDuff Arrested for Domestic Violence

December 19, 2023, 3:06 PM by  Allan Lengel

Charlie LeDuff

Media personality and podcaster Charlie LeDuff, who previously worked for the New York Times, Detroit News and Deadline Detroit, was arrested Monday night at his Pleasant Ridge home on a charge of domestic violence allegedly involving his wife.

Pleasant Ridge Interim Police Chief Robert Ried tells Deadline Detroit that a police officer responded to a 911 call to LeDuff's home where he was arrested on an allegation of domestic violence. He was transported to the lockup at the Berkley Police Department.

On Tuesday, LeDuff appeared for an arraignment in 45th District Court in Oak Park. LeDuff, who did not speak during the brief hearing, was released on personal bond of $5,000, which means he posted no money.

His attorney Todd Perkins said in court that LeDuff was accused of assaulting his wife of 31 years and entered a not-guilty plea. A pre-trial hearing date is set for Feb. 13.

Both Perkins and LeDuff did not respond to text messages for comment.

Judge Jaimie Powell Horowitz said the LeDuff should not return to his home for now. 

LeDuff is the host of the podcast, "No BS News Hour," which broadcasts out of a studio in downtown Detroit. 

He worked for the New York Times, and won a  Pulitizer Prize in 2001, along with some other journalist for a series. "How Race Is Lived In America."

He returned to Detroit and worked for the Detroit News before going to Fox 2 and becoming a local celebrity. He often confronted politicians on the street and was known for his unconventional, zany and creative reports on important issues like slow police response times.

He eventually left Fox 2 and became a weekly columnist for Deadline Detroit for about four years. 

All along, he has worked part-time at American Coney Island where he is friends with the owner and enjoys having a working man's image. Customers often recognize him and shower him with adulation.

He left Deadline Detroit in 2022 to become a weekly columnist at the Detroit News. 

In October of this year, he was fired from the publication for posting a coded phrase aimed at Attorney General Dana Nessel:“See you next Tuesday,” a backronym for the word “cunt." LeDuff wrote a critical story of Nessel, accusing her of having a conflict of interest in an investigation involving a friend.

Nessel publicly attacked the credibility of the story. The News stood by LeDuff, who then posted the vulgar comment on social media. 

LeDuff still has his popular podcast.

He is also a successful author, with one of his more popular books being, "Detroit: An American Autopsy."

In 2013, while working at Fox 2, he made headlines when he was arrested and accused of making crude remarks to female police officers, urinating in public and fighting at a private party during a St. Patrick's Day Parade in Corktown. Charges were never filed. 

LeDuff has appeared on national network shows like Fox's Tucker Carlson and "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. He has bristled at accusations that he's tried at times to pander to the right. 

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