In Midst of Israel-Hamas War, Arab and Muslim American Leaders in Dearborn Cancel Meeting With Biden Camp

January 27, 2024, 9:13 AM

President Joe Biden

Here's another sign of the rift between the Arab and Muslim American community and the Biden administration. 

The organizer of a planned meeting between President Joe Biden's campaign manager and a group of Arab and Muslim American leaders in Dearborn  was canceled Friday, the Detroit News reports.

The reason: Members of the community objected due to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Some members are rejecting any overtures from the Arab American community until the president advocates a cease fire, the News reports.

Assad Turfe, who was coordinating the sit-down, tells the News:

"Unless something drastic happens, you have lost the Arab American and Muslim community. At this point, from what I can see, there's no winning them over. That was the idea of the meeting." 

Read more:  Detroit News

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